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Rebekah Rota

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Her many years' stage experience as a singer (lyric soprano), combined with her doctoral degree in stage directing from the University of Michigan, make Rebekah Rota a powerful force in stage direction. Bringing perspectives from both "sides" of the stage, Rebekah's unique vision couples depth of understanding with breadth of emotional connection.

During her studies, Rebekah worked as assistant stage director with professional theaters such as Opera Grand Rapids, Indianapolis Opera, and the Pine Mountain Music Festival. Michigan Opera Works then engaged her for her first complete staging: Cosi fan Tutte. In recent years, she has undertaken projects at the Mittelsächsisches Theater (Dido and Aeneas) and the Landestheater Neustrelitz (Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank).

As a singer, she has been active on stages throughout Europe and the United States. Her operatic repertoire includes: Violetta (La Traviata), Mimi (La Boheme), Marie (Die Verkaufte Braut), Laila (Les Pecheurs de Perles), Margarethe (Faust), and others. She is sought after as a concert singer, teacher, and coach.

She currently lives in Berlin with her daughter.


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