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SzeThe festival opening on October 22, 2013 accompanied Professor Krzysztof Pendercki's 80th birthday anniversary, which we celebrated in the presence of the event's patron himself. Having planted the Japanese cherry trees – the gift of the Japan's Ambassador, we welcomed Professor Penderecki 320 meters below ground in the Guido mine, where his Entrata for brass and timpani was performed. Then, having laid the first stone that was signed by the composer (the Polish version of the phrase founding stone translates literally into the coal stone), we began „writing" the festival's story by running the Polish premiere of the quintet version of Maestro's composition Leaves of an Unwritten Diary. READ MORE>>>




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This edition of the Festival will a unique one. The Festival's patron – a respectable Jubilarian – celebrates this year his 85th birthday. It is crucial to mention that the history of the Festival is closely connected to Maestro's previous anniversary – its foundation and first edition in 2013 were gifts for Krzysztof Pendrecki on the occasion of the composer's 80th birthday.To będzie wyjątkowa edycja. Patron Festiwalu – dostojny Jubilat – obchodzi bowiem w tym roku 85. urodziny. READ MORE>>>






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Born on 23 November 1933 in Dębica, Poland, Krzysztof Penderecki studied composition under Franciszek Skołyszewski, and later at the Kraków Academy of Music under Artur Malawski and Stanisław Wiechowicz. In 1959, he composed Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima, one of his best known and most often performed compositions, which received the UNESCO prize in 1961. This piece was followed by Anaklasis (Donaueschinger Musiktage), Polymorphia (commissioned by the Norddeutscher Rundfunk Hamburg), READ MORE>>



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